Expert Advisors

In today’s fast-paced markets, it’s become difficult to execute more complex strategies manually, especially if you‘re not a full-time trader. Expert Advisors (EAs) allow you to trade 24/5 emotion-free and without the need to monitor every move in the markets.

You can apply your EAs on the platform

With FX Global Pro you can implement your EA strategies on both the popular Platform.Most people choose to implement their EA strategies on Platform because the platform is user-friendly, flexible and innovative.

No restrictions on EAs

With FX Global Pro you won’t have any restrictions on EAs, so simply apply your EA whenever you want. If you’re not yet happy with your EA, you have the flexibility to backtest and optimise it further on Platform.

Please note that EAs are not compatible with the Platform MultiTerminal.

You can test the EA functionality on the new Platform

In this more technical trading environment, testing quickly to ensure EA reliability is critical. The Platform Strategy Tester uses MQL5 language to allow for enhanced EA optimisation. This tool cuts the time it takes to backtest EAs from several hours, and in some cases days, to minutes.

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