Privacy Policy

This statement outlines the FX Global Pro policy on how it manages the personal information it holds about its clients and others. This privacy applies to all website users, whether you are our former, existing or potential client or just a visitor of our website.

Your privacy is of the upmost importance to everyone involved. To protect your privacy, we follow different principles in accordance with worldwide practices for client privacy and data protection.

  • We won’t sell or give away your name, mail address, phone number, email address or any other information to anyone.
  • We will use various security measures to protect your information from unauthorized users.

Personal Information

Considering our nature of business and to perform our services offered to you efficiently, we will collect personal information.


We will ask you when required for information that personally identifies you (personal information) or allows us to contact you. Generally, this information is requested when you apply for a demo or a live account with us as well as participating in any offer we promote to our existing or potential clients as well as to any visitors on our website. The main purpose we use your Personal Information for is to treat you fairly, and to understand your financial objectives and to ensure that relevant services are appropriate to your profile, as well as to provide you with sales and post sales services.

The personal information that will be collected from you includes:

  • personal details you provide to us on applications and other forms,
  • financial details such as estimated annual income and net worth and your trading experience and investment knowledge,
  • documents that you provide to us to verify your identity, such as your passport, utility bills, and/or bank statement or your company incorporation details.

According to our regulatory regime we need to keep your personal information on record for a period of at least five (5) years, which is calculated after the execution of the transactions or the termination of the business relationship or in the case you wish to terminate your working relationship with us.

FX Global Pro may use your personal information for one or more of the following purposes:

  • to confirm your identity;
  • to assess your suitability to the products and services we provide;
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