Spot Metals

Spot silver (XAG) and Spot gold (XAU) are tradable possessions offered by FX Global Pro in the best way possible without exposing additional foreign exchange. This form of trading is similar to Forex currency trading. Investors take long or short positions on metals prices. Unlike other trading markets, Forex currency trading has no centralized marketplace hence currencies can be traded in whatever market is open at any given time 24 hours a day and 5 days a week. The most common precious metals that are traded in these markets are gold bullion, coins and mining stocks. Each of these forms is treated differently depending on its market value.

The increase in spot metal trading is due to many reasons. Investors have started taking part in this form of trading in order to diversify their trading portfolio, as spot trading has become a rising asset class. Spot metal trading also creates opportunities for prevarication in order liquid markets, which leads to more exposure for investors. This form of investment is also considered a safe one.


Trading of spot metals can be done online which makes it convenient and easy for many. An advantage of this online trading is that one does not have to worry about storing the metals or there security.


Spot metal trading is increasingly become a popular trading option due to the increased flexibility in this form of trading compared to others. Flexibility in working hours, investment, high liquidity, easy short selling, no commissions and free trading platforms make this form of trading highly lucrative.

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