Futures trading are available through FX Global Pros award winning trading platforms, providing its clients with instant access to trade CFD’s on futures.

Futures contracts work in a similar manner as other trades. It involves the purchase of a commodity at market price and then the contract gives its traders the ability to make a profit from the price margin before the closing date.

Futures are highly popular trading instruments between traders that wish a more flexible, varied and cross-section portfolio. The futures market is one of high liquidity. These contracts are the most liquid as large quantities are traded every day. Another advantage of futures trading is that there is no ‘Time Decay’ in future contracts, as they are not anticipating a particular strike price at expiry. As these futures are electronically traded, there is no need to contact a broker and wait for him to respond. Orders are placed instantly on the electronic order book and are filled as soon as a match is found.

With the lowest commissions and margin requirements, FX Global Pro aims to maximize your profits. Hence, you can now diversify your portfolios and select from a wide range of trading products by trading on any futures instrument.

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